Ok, so you’ve chosen to raise money for a charity, all very noble, but which charity, and how do you go about it? Charities depend on people like you engaging and helping them raise money, billions are raised in the UK each year to help all kinds of causes and there will be a charity that appeals to everyone.

There are thousands of charities in the UK that support a wide range of causes both at home and overseas, but how do you choose one? Has a loved one been ill? How about a charity that researches treatment for the illness they suffered. Have you been saved by a lifeguard or the air ambulance? You could support them. Do you love animals? There are plenty of animal charities around. Once you have decided on a cause you can normally find a smaller local charity, North Devon Hospice, or if you prefer could go for a well-known National one such as Cancer Research UK

People sometimes look at the money a charity spends on their overheads, but it’s hard to know whether actually that spend is why you heard about the charity in the first place! Dan Pallotta who has set up various charitable events says “don’t ask about the size of their overhead, ask about the size of their dreams”. By looking at the progress the charity makes towards their goals you can really see where your money would go. You can often visit the charity too, particularly local ones to see first hand what they do with your donation.

How can you help? Once you have chosen a charity look for the events they organise such as the Macmillan Coffee Morning, these are a way of getting involved that provides you with resources and ideas. There really is an event for everyone including overseas trips and abstinence!

You can also organise your own event, and most charities are happy to provide resources to display or use on the day. Pub quizzes, charity auctions, black tie events are all a great way to get people together and raise awareness of your chosen charity, and local press are generally supportive of these events too so it’s possible to get some free coverage.

To make your event a success spread the word! Use social media, put up posters, make some calls and ask everyone you can to help share the details, that way even if people can’t attend they can still make a donation.